Dr. Sonika Gupta

"Economics is Everywhere"

Meet Dr. Sonika

C oming from humble backgrounds, like every other girl Sonika carried this dream of becoming a teacher one day. Her first interaction with economics was at school where the subject instantly caught her eye, gradually she realised that what made the subject appealing was the manner in which her teacher presented it by drawing references to everyday life. It was then that she aspired to teach economics professionally.

Moving towards her goal with hard work, determination and a bit of luck she went on to earn her bachelors in economics and education followed by her masters in economics. Extending her academic pursuit and her interest in macro-economic research led her to earn a doctorate in economics (from Banasthali Vidyapith, Rajasthan) studying the linkages between fiscal deficit and private consumption behaviour in India.

Furthering her interest in research, she is currently pursuing post doctorate in economics. Dr. Sonika has over four years of teaching experience and is currently working as an Assistant Professor at KES’ Shroff College of Arts and Commerce affiliated to the University of Mumbai. She teaches economics to undergraduate students. This website is her small initiative to share knowledge of economics. The underlying idea is to make the subject and its concepts presented in an interesting manner and not just from an examination perspective.

E conomics as a field of study has extensive and widespread application in all walks of life across entities as solitary as individuals to as large as nations. What is more interesting is that many a times we may be practicing the laws and theories of economics or be guided by them and yet not be aware of its formal construct. This website is a humble attempt to present as far as possible linkages to everyday life and make the study of economics more interesting...happy exploring!

With Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus
Receiving appreciation from Dr. Lily Bhushan, Principal, KES Shroff College for successfully organizing National Conference on Economics
Delivering Special Lecture on the History of Indian Economy
Invited to judge an Elocution Competition on Economics